Hot summer nights @ the Londa Hotel

Do you ever experience a déjà vu nostalgic feeling for moments, days or even eras, which you haven’t essentially lived? Or, do you sometimes reminisce about emotions, which you never truly experienced? This happens almost instinctively as we immerse ourselves in the breathtaking beauty of the sun that very moment when it leaves its last traces on the sky before the moon rises. The advent of the summer always unlocks a spot in our hearts inviting us to enjoy life to the fullest, capturing every moment of the past, present and future.

Quite simply, summer brings with it a sense of timelessness. This magical season gives us the feeling that time isn’t a luxury. Daily hassles are washed away by the waves while the anticipation for those warm nights eagerly unfolds under the stars. And it’s at that moment that a feeling of nostalgia kicks in and we seek refuge in eras of purity and innocence; with movies like “A neighborhood named dream” which will be shown at Rialto Theater on Friday June 10th. A much-loved black and white production about hopes and dreams.

Living on the beach can be pure bliss; the sun softly caressing your skin shyly penetrating the eyes through a fine layer of shade by the trees. On Saturday, June 11th there will be a plethora of artful and handcrafted creations by talented artists on exhibit at Erimi Gardens throughout the day, followed by live music bands.

Nostalgic for a moment of luxury and relaxation

With every departure from the Londa Beach Hotel comes a feeling of nostalgia. It’s not just the luxury and attention to detail, or the ambience and attentive staff. It’s the harmonious blend of all these coupled with sea views, the cool breeze and the cosmopolitan vibes of Limassol that can only create memories.

Under the sun and by the pool

Photographs capture memories of the past and present. Regardless the filters we use on instagram, or the hearts and likes they receive, they unveil emotions for years to come. It is these kind of memories that we wish to create for you at the Londa Beach Hotel.
Moments of relaxation through the sepia filters which the sunlight creates, become even more refreshing by our pool. Just a sip of any of our cocktails is enough to make the experience, and recollections, even more unforgettable.