Unraveling the mysteries of a great holiday @ the Londa Beach Hotel

Life is rife with perplex questions, and oftentimes we don’t only seek answers but a deeper interpretation: What is that divine substance that expresses itself through the admiration of beauty? That intrinsic desire to attain an abundance of joy? And that persistent craving for even more beauty, more peace of mind, more life and more time? Yet, life often shines in the ambiguity of its impermanence and in transitory moments that gleefully linger in memory. Like the ones we gracefully create for you at the Londa Beach Hotel!

These exact moments rush into your heart like a tempestuous sea of enthusiasm! It’s the exhilaration of the first glance of your luxurious suite and the almost child-like anticipation of your holidays. But, it’s also the serenity of the sea coupled with the horizon’s infinity. The light blue of the Londa Beach Hotel pool and the bright sunlight rays that playfully reflect upon it.

Your train of thought also changes course when mesmerising memories occur. Transcending you back to that reality of elegance and lavishness you experienced at the Londa Beach Hotel. Warming your heart with a sweet sense of nostalgia and a deep intention to relive them! Such is the sophisticated experience for every single Londa guest.

…and the explorations of meaningful encounters

Life, with its seductive mysteries, its hidden gems and undiscovered oases, unravels itself through experiences. Small, big, important or insignificant encounters that leave us bewildered yet grateful for the dose of magic. Anastasia, by Kenneth MacMillan and the Royal Ballet, is definitely one of these artful and grandiose encounters happening at the Rialto on 20 November. It is a rare opportunity to see a compelling exploration of identity in the turbulent wake of the Russian Revolution. Anastasia is a ballet about a great historical mystery of the modern times. A Grand Duchess, who was executed with her royal family and was later discovered alive, stripped from all memories of the past. A past envied by many.