Happy New Year resolutions

The Londa resolutions list is here for those of you who need just a little help in setting some aspirations for 2015!

How Londa can help

At the top of the list in No1 place is the familiar resolution to eat more healthily, and at Caprice restaurant we can make this very easy with exceptional dishes of fresh local ingredients – after the richness of Christmas and New Year meals, this will make a wonderful change for your palette.
We all say that we will get fit or keep fit in the new year but with membership or a day pass to the Londa fitness facilities, with a fully equipped gym, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi, it could be you on the beach this summer turning heads!

Sharing and caring in 2015

How many times did you say to loved ones, family and friends over the Christmas period that you will see more of them in 2015? You can fulfil those promises by getting together as a family over lunch on Caprice terrace or maybe have afternoon tea with colleagues where work can stay in the office and you can get to know each other as friends.
Of course, after one of the biggest celebrations of the year we now enter the next round of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and name days – at Londa we can help you with beautiful celebration dinners where you can indulge your loved ones with the very best of menus and wines; we can also do private parties when our head chef can prepare a bespoke menu for you.

Experience more

For the last couple of years Londa has built a reputation for being one of the places to be for Jazz concerts, bringing world-renowned musicians to Cyprus and hosting them in the Caprice with great acoustics and appreciative audiences. If you have not experienced the wonderment that is fine Jazz, the 2015 Londa Jazz concert series gives you the chance to fulfil your resolution to try something different.
At Londa, we also tried something different last year that has now become a major success – Yoga on the waterfront and Acupuncture at the Spa. As the warmer months start, our Yoga teacher will take morning classes onto the breakwater and guests can reserve acupuncture treatments as part of a new 2015 regime of self-care.

Lap up the luxury

The luxurious comfort of Londa and the pristine contemporary design will always be good for body and soul; but resolving to add to this the joys of swimming in the sun-baked pool in the summer, feeling the benefits of the clear Mediterranean Sea so close to the hotel, relaxing in the hands of a therapist with a professional massage at the Spa, and booking into the easy-Sunday-morning style of Londa rooms and suites – now these are luxuries that should definitely be on everyone’s ‘treat myself’ resolution list for 2015.

Get a bargain

And the cost of your Londa resolutions? The price to pay for five-star service, facilities and indulgences? Probably a fraction of what you have just paid for one Christmas Day’s extravagances. And if you keep a look out for our generous packages, 2015 could be the year when you fulfil all your resolutions without breaking the budget.