The heat is still on @ Londa

September is not the typical ‘vacation month’ for the Cypriots. The locals are resuming business and get back to their daily routine, after the August recess. It is a time for updates and re-organisation, creating the basis for a productive and creative winter. It is this special ‘back to school’ mood, when everyone realises how precious their home is, just by returning after spending some time away from it.
However, at the Londa, we are getting prepared to receive a second wave of visitors; those who prefer the early fall for their vacation, wishing to savour the sunny city of Limassol in full buzz and the beach in its more quiet and peaceful moments while the temperatures are still in the high twenties.

The 12 months season

This is another great challenge for us here at the Londa Beach Hotel. Receiving guests all year means we have to stay alert and keep our proposals, our service and our ambience fresh and relevant season after season. This a really special time for us. On the one hand we are committed to taking care of visitors from Central Europe, wishing to extend their summer by enjoying sunshine in Cyprus while on the other hand we are getting ready for winter. We update our spa treatments menu, we reconsider the menus at the restaurants and bars, and we start organising the Christmas entertainment programme, so as to strike the right balance between the exciting and the familiar. This is our ‘back to school’; and the cheerful mood of another new beginning is very much present among the team. At the same time we keep the summer vibe pulsing, aiming to stay true to the meaning of top hospitality and the boutique character of our establishment for the September visitors.

Till next summer

So this is it. The time of exuberant socialising, and the exultant amusement is over for some and it is just the beginning for others. It seems just right to enjoy a beautiful performance dedicated to it. The Cyprus Theatre Organisation and the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra will present “Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Felix Mendelssohn at the Rialto – see more here. The theatrical text of William Shakespeare inspired a wonderful music that validates this soothing certainty… Summer will always be returning.