Going Green @ Londa Beach Hotel

Londa Beach Hotel is once again in a festive mood. Limassol is living and breathing to the carnival rhythms. The merriment has already started on Shrove Thursday. It is customary for Cypriots to enjoy grilled meat, to drink and have fun, anticipating the great carnival parade that will take place on Sunday the 13th of March. The delectable aroma of delicious chunks of pork, chicken or veal well done on the grills is not, by any means, haute cuisine but a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. In ancient times Cypriots used to offer animal sacrifices to their Gods. The meat was then very well roasted so men could eat it to honour their Gods and Gods could smell the whiff of burning food and grant their worshippers with their goodwill.

The Carnival

Limassol has been hosting a Carnival for the last hundred years. This year’s parade will see the participation of 135 groups. Ancient warriors, pirates, pharaohs and super heroes will meet and flood the streets with their colourful outfits, dancing and singing. The merriment will conclude with a great party were everyone -local or visitor – is invited.

After the celebration

Monday the 14th of March marks the end of the celebrations. It is Green Monday, the day Lent starts, according to the Eastern Orthodox tradition. Green Monday in Cyprus is another occasion to celebrate. There is no meet grilling and no colorful costumes but friends and families meet to spend time together, taking advantage of the three day weekend and we give them the chance to do so in style at the Caprice. Our beautiful restaurant offers a majestic view to the sea and a variety from delicacies that come from it. Green Monday cuttlefish and fresh fish platters together with a salad bar prepared with the outmost care and our wisely selected wines and spirits will again offer pleasure to our guests and maybe (according to the Orthodox tradition) God will grant them with his goodwill.