Follow the summer melodies to the Londa Hotel

It’s true that rising temperatures can lift our spirits. Warm summer days uncover the joys of life and there’s an incessant anticipation for new ventures in every corner and every beach. This is no overstatement as the best events, festivals, parties and concerts take place in the summer, the most exuberant season of the year!

Summer melodies entice us to follow them through the streets of Limassol and lead us to unforgettable experiences. The most loved pop singer in Greece, whose name we can’t disclose yet, will be in Limassol on June 5th, captivating fans to nonstop dancing and singing. What’s more, on June 8th the much-loved Natassa Mpofiliou will be live in concert at the Limassol Municipal Garden. On June 19, dancers from around the world will put on a remarkable performance at the Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival with top-notch performances throughout the month of June.

Choreography of another kind

Dancing is a sequential, chain of movements that flow from one dancer to the next creating a mesmerising spectacle. And it’s that same spectacle and tune that the Londa Beach Hotel resonates. From its valet kindly welcoming you to the hotel, to the receptionists, the waiters, the house keepers as well as the entire team behind the scenes that sets, lights up and directs this “play” in which you are the protagonists of!