What the folk @ Londa Beach Hotel

There are stories that travel through centuries from word of mouth. There are songs that linger in time sparking emotions. There are expressions that leave a sense of belonging and meaning in our lives. These are the traditions, the traits and norms, frames of mind and cultural stimuli that define us as individuals and create our life perspective. We, at the Londa Hotel, have a tradition of creating luxurious holidays for you, but that’s a different story – a story that goes back more than 30 years.

The stories, songs and traditions that pass down from generation to generation are deeply imprinted in the very essence of who we are. They may evolve and take different forms, yet they remain timeless and always relevant. It’s the myths with their symbolic nature and the fairy tales with their romantic, promising outlook of life and the future.

It’s also the music which passes on, not so much through folklore songs but through the sounds and musical instruments identified in the roots of people’s diverse cultures. Bulgara is a band that interwinds folk instruments to create a fusion of drum ‘n’ bass, funk, rock and jazz; a dose of inspiration you can get on July 28th at Heroes Square.

Traditions are embraced in other ways too. They proliferate in our attitudes and form our behaviours. Folklore music can be listened to, felt and danced. The Georgian National Ballet will give a magnificent performance, on July 29th at the Municipal Gardens Theatre, using dancers as instruments to transmit the rural influences of the Georgian culture and traditions.

In the same way, ancient Greek tragedies, challenge values and beliefs and ideals. On July 29th at Curium Ancient Theatre, you can watch a contemporary approach of Antigone; a diachronic tragedy with a political criticism on the arrogance of power.

The instinctive need to experience the ultimate holiday joy

Whatever we do, wherever we come from and however we evolve as human beings, there are several things that bring us together… and that is the mere need to feel appreciated and treated in the best possible way. The desire to live new and exciting experiences. The need to interact, laugh, relax and enjoy all the good things in life. It’s these things that we set out to do for you at Londa Hotel! After all, it’s in the Londa Hotel culture to keep evolving and provide our guests with the utmost luxury and pampering. The recurring awards that our hotel has won over the years, is no coincidence.