Take the time to breathe @ the Londa Beach Hotel

There are times when you enjoy a degree of separation from every nuance and noise in your mind. This usually happens when you set foot in your home after a long day, when the first shower drops fall on your skin after an arduous workout, with the first sip of wine after everyone has gone to sleep or, better yet… when you first arrive at the Londa Beach Hotel!

At times like these, you are mindful about your breathing – that rising and falling sensation of your chest – and you allow your mind to defy reality. In these moments, your mind balances all the different ‘worlds’ within it, while the dimensions of space and time become somewhat irrelevant and your life’s essence, more relevant!

It’s this matter of relevance or lack thereof that the team Ouroboros, consisting of Jeremy Carne and Nikolas Kasinos, is exploring through their audio-visual performance ‘Tide’ on Thursday the 29th of September at the Old Vinegar House in Limassol! They explore the effects of time and its correlation with experience and memory while also engaging with the idea of time in the dimension of space.

Sit back and let the comfort sink in

When you’re in Londa Hotel Spa, time becomes irrelevant but also insufficient. Every bit of relaxation treatment, every massage, ritual and therapy offers you an invigorating and liberating feeling. But, just as everything else at the Londa Beach Hotel, no matter how much time you spend there, you will still need more. Just like all the moments that elevate you spiritually and soothe your soul.

The good news is that you can always relive these reviving moments at the Londa Beach Hotel and enjoy the Londa Hotel Spa’s soothing vibes. These moments, after all, are as essential as the air we breathe.