Shine bright @ the Londa Beach Hotel

It’s in human nature to seek perfection; to envision a more sophisticated lifestyle; to keep evolving and aiming higher. It’s the same innate desire that drives us at the Londa Beach Hotel! We even exceed our own expectations to create the… perfect circumstances, for you to have the absolute time of your life. It’s no coincidence after all that the esteemed World Travel Awards has bestowed us with the Cyprus’ Leading Boutique Hotel and the Cyprus’ Leading Hotel awards for the 10th consecutive year!

Recognition, however, is momentary while perfection isn’t (!) nor is it static. It’s a continuous journey, fueled with passion, crafted with vision and poised with love. This is what actually generates excellence and defies all obstacles.

Aren’t stars a symbol for excellence?

An excellent time for you during your visit or stay at the Londa Beach Hotel remains our goal of all times! On October 16th, you can look forward to an exceptional time listening to some jazz vibes by the incredible quartet consisting of Anton Zaletayev on the saxophone and flute, Leonid Nesterov on the piano, Alexey Rislavsky on bass and Andreas Stefanou on the drums. Within the idyllic ambience of the award-winning Caprice Restaurant, you can enjoy these special tunes while gazing at the stunning scenery (or should we say SEAnery?) under the stars.

Whatever your reason for visiting the Londa Beach Hotel, relaxation, holidays, a business trip, or just a night of jazz, you can rest assured that our hospitable staff will ensure that you have the most amazing time to the point that your soul shines bright.