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We have compiled this Q&A section based on the most frequently asked questions from our guests. We hope our answers will give you a greater understanding of our facilities and will enhance your stay at Londa. If you feel there is still some information missing, please contact us at
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Q: Is there free internet Wi-Fi available at the hotel?
A: We have a free open access Wi-Fi zone in the lobby area, also at Caprice Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Londa Spa and by the outside pool area.
Q: How about internet in the rooms?
A: Please obtain your personal access code from the reception to use the internet in your room.
Q: I’m a keen runner and would like to know if you can recommend anywhere to run from the hotel?
A: Starting from the hotel, there is a beautiful coastal path that runs alongside the Mediterranean sea, running east from the hotel would give you approximately a 15km out and back run. The first 1.5km from the hotel grounds is on pedestrian sidewalk, but after that, there is a path that runs along side the sea with amazing views. We highly recommend it.
Q: Could I celebrate my birthday at your hotel?
A: Of course, we will be happy to reserve a table for you and your guests and even prepare a birthday cake for you.
Q: Is the hotel staff multilingual?
A: Almost every member of our staff speaks at least 2 languages. Our guests will find it easy to communicate with everyone.
Q: How far is it to the nearest ATM?
A: There are two banks within walking distance from the hotel, one is approximately 3 minutes walk and the other 5-6 minutes walk.
Q: How far is the hotel from the nearest airport?
A: The Londa is an approximate 40-45 minutes drive from both Larnaca and Paphos airports.
Q: How much is the taxi fee from and to the airport?
A: For both airports, Larnaca and Paphos, the day fee is €58.00 and the night fee is €68.00 per trip.
Q: Are there parking facilities for hotel guests?
A: Yes, we have a free parking area in front of the hotel available to all our guests.
Q: Is there a bus stop nearby and how long does it take for the bus to come?
A: There is a bus stop right next to the hotel and the bus passes by every 15 to 20 minutes. The bus number 30 brings you directly to the old town and city centre.
Q: Do you provide maps for your guests?
A: The reception has city maps available and the team will be happy to assist you with directions.
Q: If the hotel calls a taxi for me, how long will I have to wait?
A: There is usually a taxi waiting at the entrance of the hotel, however if required to call one, this will not be longer than 5 minutes.
Q: Do you have laundry service that prepares your clothes within the day?
A: Yes, if you give your clothes early in the morning to the reception before 9.00am, it will be returned the same day. Dry cleaning will be returned the following day except Sundays.
Q: Do you do weddings on the beach?
A: The beaches in Cyprus are all public, therefore we may organise beautiful, small weddings in the summer, on our pool deck which overlooks the sea.
Q: Does the hotel have a wheelchair?
A: Yes, and we also have ramps at the hotel entrance and toward the pool area.
Q: Do you have a defibrillator in the hotel?
A: Yes, our hotel is equipped with defibrillator and hotel staff is trained to use it in case of emergency.
Q: Are any members of your staff trained as first aid providers?
A: Yes, all departments of the hotel have employees who are trained as first aiders.
Q: Is it dangerous to swim in the sea in front of the hotel?
A: The sea in front of the hotel is safe to swim in, with shallow waters.
Q: Do you have a resident doctor in the hotel?
A: No, but we cooperate with doctors who will visit the hotel in cases of emergency.
Q: How long will it take for an ambulance to reach the hotel?
A: About 10 to 15 minutes.
Q: Are there CCTV cameras installed in the hotel?
A: Yes, CCTV cameras are installed in the corridors and all public areas for guest safety.
Q: Do you do fire drills?
A: Yes and staff are trained to guide guests to safety.
Q: Which is the temperature of the sea?
A: This depends on the time of the year, however many guests swim from April until November!
Q: Are there lifeguards around the pool?
A: Yes, we do have licensed lifeguards on duty during day time.
Q: I have noticed that you have many glass panel doors in public areas. Would they cause a serious accident if they are broken?
A: No, the glass panel doors would not cause an accident because the glass becomes a pile of sand when broken.
Q: How far is the nearest Accidents & Emergency unit?
A: Just a maximum of 5 minutes from the hotel.
Q: Could an excursion or tour be organised?
A: Yes, our Reception Desk may provide you with all the necessary information and maps.
Q: Could you assist us with car rentals?
A: Our Reception Desk will be happy to do so.
Q: Do we need to bring beach towels?
A: The Spa provides each guest with pool & beach towels free of charge.
Q: What is the name of your hotel manager?
A: Our manager’s name is Mr Jochen Niemann.
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